Anyone for Tennis?

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Our interpretation of the quintessential British Summertime Cocktail:

'Evocative of a fresh, tropical cocktail with freshly squeezed grapefruit and cranberry juicy, lavished by crisp vodka on the rocks, garnished by a slice of Mexican lime.'

'A fresh, stimulating aroma with zesty lemon, orange, tart apple and a hint of cool pear, fizzed by lashings of sparkling lemonade and a vodka base'

Top Notes: Lemon;  Orange Peel; Green Apple

Mid Notes: Cool Pear; Cranberry; Mexican Lime

Base Notes: Fizzy Lemonade; Vodka; Grapefruit;


Allergen information:


Delta-Damascone, Ethyl Methylphenylglycidare, Ethyl Vanillin & Linalool