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Wax Crumble Pouches - 10 Jumbo 100g Pouches - Free UK Delivery

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A whopping 1kg of crumbled wax in resealable PET pouches.
10 of our new big 100 gram (3.5oz) Wax Crumble Pouches
Updated Festive Catalogue 23/011/17:

Christmas Tree;

Christmas Pudding;

Cinnamon Buns;

True Cherry; 



Honeysuckle & Sandalwood;


Prosecco Bubbles;

Gooseberry Cobbler.


What is Wax Crumble and how much wax do I use it?
Simply, wax crumble is chopped, grated and crumbled wax blocks which are designed to melt and release fragrances very quickly in your preferred wax melter.
As a starting point and depending on your room size and how strong your desired fragrance is use 1-5 teaspoons in a wax warmer per melting period 
Wax crumble releases it's fragrance quickly and, in testing packaging materials, we have decided to package our wax crumbles in PET (Mylar -type) foil backed 'space pouches' which prolongs the life of the fragrance held within it. The packages are resealable and can also be recycled.

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