Time for a Spring clean

It's that wonderful time of year, gorgeous spring flowers are in bloom, the birds are singing and the sun is (hopefully) shining. Whats not to love? 

I love Spring time but there is one major downside, the sunshine brings with it the realisation that your house needs a jolly good clean after the winter months! Cobwebs suddenly appear where you swear they hadn't been before and don't get me started on windows. I thought I had a clear view into the outside world until the sun started shining! 

So, theres no way out of it... it's time for the big SPRING CLEAN! Of course I can't help you with the actual clean itself, sorry got my hands full with the gargantuan task of doing our house. However, I can help you make it smell glorious! 

Take your pick from one of our new releases and give your home the touch of luxury it deserves. Japonica is one of my absolute, all time, number one fragrances. I am so in love with this one and would have it burning 24/7.With notes of apple, Japonica, melon, Freesia and more, it is an amazingly complex fragrance and a real treat for your nose!

If you fancy something a little more fun this Easter, we also have our limited edition Hot Cross Bun wax tarts , available as part of our April Easter Wax Bundle. Fool your Easter visitors that you are a domestic goddess/god and have been slaving away, hand preparing this favourite Easter treat. Simply mouthwatering. 

Of course, if like me you have a horde of children who have just broken up for the Easter hols then of course all this cleaning is futile.

Undone within moments. Someone pass me the wine ...... 

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