If you can't find the answer to your question here please feel free to contact us via email at support@candywick.co.uk , contact form or telephone and we will endeavour to answer you asap. Of course, we are also contactable via social media, just look us up on Facebook!

What sizes are your candles? 

Our designer status jar glassware is produced by the Libbey Glass Company, Ohio.  Whilst being a more expensive option than Chinese made glass they are far superior in both weight, strength and quality finish. Available in 12oz size Jars.

We also have a range of designer 3 wick candles, again poured in top quality glass jars to give a luxurious finish. 

From time to time we will introduce limited edition glassware, such as our opaque white sentiment jars.

     How Long will my candle last? 

    All of our candles have been tested and created so that you get a nice clean burn and wonderful fragrance. Due to the hand-crafted nature of the candles we cannot guarantee a precise burn time, as this can be affected by the fragrance itself, where the candle is placed etc. However, our 12 oz Candles burn for at least 80-100 hours, although in our own testing we have found that they can last in excess of these estimates.

    Do you have a minimum order value? 

    No, you are free to choose as few or as many products as you like. If you are new to a fragrance and want to test it first then how about opting for the wax melts or Wax Snap Bars? A great way to introduce a new fragrance to your home without the commitment of a large jar! 

    If you are interested in a business to business order then please visit our wholesale page for information on minimum order values and what we can offer for your business. 

    Do you offer a bespoke service? 

    Yes we do! We would be delighted to cater for your special day, be it Wedding, birthday or other special occasion. We can offer your own bespoke artwork, choice of fragrance and glassware. Give us a call or send us an email/message and see what we can do for you.  

    Get in touch if you are after a more unusual or hard to get fragrance and we will do our best to help you out.

    What are Candywick's candles made from?

    Here at Candywick.co.uk our candles are made from cosmetic grade blended (botanical and mineral) container wax, thoroughly tested to ensure that you can get the best fragrance and burn time. We use carefully sourced fragrances that have been tested over and over to ensure when you receive you Candywick candle you will not be disappointed.

    What wick do you use?

    Each of our products have been tested for performance and safety. The wicks used in our products are made with either: cotton; paper; cotton & zinc or cotton with paper strands. They are specially created for use with candles and are lead-free and non-toxic.

    How long should I burn my candle?

    You should burn your container candles long enough that they have a chance to form a melt pool all across the surface, from side to side - especially on the first burn, typically this is in 4-hour intervals.

    A 'tunnel' has burned down the centre of my candle, can it be fixed?

    This is typically caused by not letting a candle burn long enough at each use, to fix this problem use a hair dryer or heat gun set to low to warm the rim of the glass so that the wax stuck to the sides slowly melts down into a pool and a smooth surface on the candle. Be extremely careful not to burn yourself, splash wax, or start a fire, if you choose to try this.

    What will make candles produce soot?

    No candle is completely exempt from producing soot. Soot is caused by incomplete combustion and it is commonly caused by a wick that is too long or mushrooming, debris left in the melt pool, or drafts agitating the flame.

    Be sure to burn your candles in an area free of drafts, ensure debris is free of the candle, do not let the wick get any longer than 5 or 6 mm, and extinguish the candle if a mushrooming wick is causing soot. When the candle has cooled, carefully trim the excess wick and re-light.