Wholesale and Bespoke


Crafted in small batches to ensure high quality, Candywick Candles traditionally hand-pour our container candles and scented wax products in the heart of the United Kingdom using only the best, highest quality, high fragrance loads and sustainable vegetable blends of wax.


Our ethos is to use the best ingredients and materials, sourced within the domestic UK, to produce beautiful home fragrances products that are clean burning and of a superior quality to the status quo of mass produced paraffin candles and tarts from overseas.
If you are looking for a bespoke labelling candle service for a wedding, corporate branding, event or retail partnership then please contact us to discuss your requirements.  
Our latest brochure can be downloaded from here:
 Made In Britain

All wholesale orders are subject to acceptance.  Typically a minimum order vale £200 (net) Terms and conditions apply.


To find out how we can help you fill out the contact from or email us at: support@candywick.co.uk